Saturday, June 22, 2013


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
So I read a book about babies, and the reaction I received was, "Ain, is it your turn now? Who is the lucky guy?" My friends went straight ahead to presuming that my maternal instinct had finally kicked in.

But I read Mario Puzo's The Godfather and Shirow Miwa's Dogs too. No one said I had violent trait or anything like that?

It is the same was with my drawing. Once I drew a newlywed as a congratulation for my friends who got married. The reaction was uproariously along the line, "We hear the sound of kompang". But I drew a lot of other things too, some of which actually revealed the state of chronic depression I was in. And everyone suddenly became blind.

I just want to say that people are more complex than you think. It is wrong to judge people only based on one single trait. And humans after all have the tendency to overlook things that discomfort them because it is the job of their brains to protect them from whatever that was perceived as harmful. And another reason to overlook thing is well, human brains are lazy. When we have judgement about something and suddenly a new information crops up that does not fit it, our brains tend to discard them away. To actually think things over and find explanation consume energy and human brains do not like that. Ever wonder why people rarely stop to think and prefer to go headlong into irrational decision? Human brains are lazy.

So no, I am not getting married. Not in the near future at least. I am just a curious human being who likes to discover things. Stop those assumption, you are scaring me.

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